Nathalie Rozot, Founder, President, CEO

is an award-winning designer and a thought leader
at the forefront of 21st-century sustainable lighting
practices. She brings over 20 years of high level
management and a global portfolio of large-scale
public projects.



Amer Maleh, LEED AP, Partner,
Product Development Director

offers degrees and professional expertise
in electrical engineering, industrial design,
as well as in lighting design, specifications
and sales.


Board of Advisors


Valorie Born, Director of
New Business Relations, Fluidity

offers extensive experience in fundraising
and marketing in a global market-place,
and in working with constituencies
in the urban realm.


Kevin Jennison, Founder, Pura Vida Lighting
is a former Senior Sales Manager with
Eco-Sense Lighting, Philips Solid State Lighting
and sales representative for Color Kinetics.
Kevin brings senior expertise in Solid State
Lighting sales.


Ranwa Sarkis, Head of Strategy & Planning,
Facebook EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)

was a former manager at Google, and offers
strategy experience in a variety of industries
such as consumer goods, energy, real estate,
tourism and economic development.


Jared Grimes, Senior Manager, Cayman Shores
Development Limited (CSDL)

manages a 500-acre private development in
Cayman for Dart Realty, and promotes green
building strategies through cost benefit analyses
of sustainable practices.


Mona Kim, Principal, Mona Kim: Projects
is a creative director for cultural and commercial
projects, and has directed a broad portfolio of
international award-winning projects.
Mona is responsible for developing Photic's
communications strategy and branding.


Maria Thompson, PhD, Principal Applications
Scientist, Osram Sylvania PhD

is a former lighting designer with a doctorate
from MIT and a regular speaker at DOE’s
EERE programs. Maria offers expertise in
electronic controls and energy performance
for Solid-State Lighting.